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Welcome to the SIR Homepage

This website is for viewing and submitting Standard Improvement Requests (SIRs) for the Quality Information Framework (QIF) standard and the Dimensional Measuring Interface Standard (DMIS). These standards are developed and maintained by the Dimensional Metrology Standards Consortium (DMSC, Inc.).


Below is the public view of the DMSC SIR welcome homepage. Notice that there you are currently at the Dashboard tab-page which contains a “Welcome to the SIR Homepage”, and “Recent Activity” with regard to submitting and managing SIRs. On the right hand side there is a “Standard Improvement Request” section which gives the user a quick link to view all of the QIF SIRs or the DMIS SIRs that have been submitted; i.e., the QIF LIST and the DMIS List.


 You must be logged in to submit an SIR. To Start, click on Login above in the top left corner of the screen. If you do not have a username and password already, click on Create new account after clicking Login.
Once you have an approved registered login, you may submit an SIR for QIF by clicking on the “Submit a QIF SIR” link to the right, or by clicking on the “Submit a DMIS SIR” link, also to the right.


For detailed instructions to submit your SIR, click the Instructions tab above.


Thank you,
The Dimensional Metrology Standards Consortium.

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